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The Buddy Program for international students linked to the International Mobility Program aims to promote the integration of foreign students with PUC-Campinas students and the university. The program is a voluntary activity and consists of a rich cultural exchange of experience without leaving the country. It is a huge contribution to development the International Mobility Program and the personal training of the student. Buddies are responsible for assisting foreign students upon their arrival in Brazil, assisting you in whatever you need.


Provide you with basic information about Campinas and PUCCampinas
Assist you, when necessary, the installation in housing;
Assist with documents and registration with the Federal Police;
Assist in conducting registration and enrollment in courses;


Nicole MacDougall

“PUC-Campinas thank you for giving us the opportunity to see Brazil through your eyes even if for just a few days! You are all incredibly hospitable and welcoming. Know that we hope to share the same generosity with you in the future! Obrigada para todos!”

John William Filipski

“Thank you for your hospitality and exposing us to both your culture and the amazing wealth of knowledge provided by the teachers. The subtends were a blast and I’ve made friends for a lifetime. I promise I will be back!!

Richard Lewis

“PUC, It’s been quick but incredible few day with you! I feel very fortunate to have worked with, learned from and become friends with all the students and
faculty. Amamos vocês!”